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Hard Rock Cafe, CityWalk, Orlando – When you start to regular the parks, you look for… unknown things to explore. We’ll , atleast I do. One of the adventures I stumbled upon is The Vibe Tour, at Universal Orlando’s Hard Rock. Labeled as “The secret tour of The Hard Rock Cafe’ Orlando”, this FREE tour sounded like exactly what I was looking for. 

The Hard Rock

When you walk into a Hard Rock, no matter where it is located, you can expect to see some amazing artifacts of Rock and Roll. But, what most people don’t know is that there is just as much music memorabilia behind the walls as there is hangin on them. With the Vibe Tour, we are going to get access to some amazing items, only seen through this tour. Let’s do it! 

Where to start

The first thing you will want to do is approach the host area for the main restaurant.  Here you can ask “what is the availability for The Vibe Tour today”. They will be able to tell you what the tour times are. A great plan is to reach out be email before your visit, or stop in earlier in the day to ask. For us we waited about 10 minutes for our Vibe Tour guide to start. Oh, and as luck would have it,  the tour was a private one, just me and the wife. 

The VIBE tour Experience

Besides feeling as if you are getting that VIP treatment, walking the back hallways and going into behind the scenes elevators, almost gives you a sense of what a musician would go through when performing there.  And even the back halls of the Hard Rock are covered with rock posters and pictures of fellow acts. 

As actually start the tour on the second floor, and The Woodstock Room.

This is where the tour guides knowledge and the experience begins.  Ours was awesome. She went on in detail about everything we passed. Or maybe I asked a question about everything we passed. Either way, she knew something about everything. 

It then caught my eye. How cold it not. It was this large gold circle in the middle of the room on the floor. I’ll save the details for your experience, but she went on to tell us that The Woodstock Room is perfectly designed for acoustics. So, when you raise your voice, and sing a little tune, you can hear your echo. I gotta try that.

After a few more test, and a look from the wife, we proceeded to exit the room into a large brick facade. It actually seemed really out of place.   Of course I had to ask. And she had the answer!  The bricks were from the iconic Cavern Club. If the name sounds familiar, well it’s where the Beatles performed more than 200 times. Pretty cool, huh. 

The John Lennon Room

As you make your way down a few more hallways, and say hi to some of the working staff that is fulfilling orders, you come to the “AHHHHH” moment. The John Lennon Room. This room is amazing, and if you are a Beatles fan I think you might just be speechless from the overload of items to take in.

Right away you will notice that the theme color for this room is white, and with items that were donated by Yoko Ono –in addition to incredible amount of items Hard Rock curators have purchased over the years you are just engulfed in feeling of a 1980 ore concert “green room”. In one spot is a love seat that John Lennon himself sat in and wrote some of the well known Beatles songs as well as songs he performed solo.

The tour guide was nice enough to grab a photo of us chillaxin on this amazing white couch that could fit a nice entourage. There is a full size bar area and an amazing balcony the overlooks City Walk Orlando.

There is a replica of the white piano that John used. I thought it was the real deal, but what do I know.  What’s really cool is the signatures that cover the keys. Over the years well-known pianists including: Alicia Keys, Billy Joel, Elton John and Paul McCartney have signed have signed it.

The Attic

Next we are heading to The Attic. We are guided through some more winding hallways and get into an elevator that will be our ride to the top! Once exiting the elevator you are basically hit in the face, sorry best way for me to describe it, with just what seems like an overflow of Rock and Roll items.

From the Voice – O- Graph booth Elvis made his first recording in for 35 cents to the overwhelming amount of signatures and messages left by past performers.

If this chair wasn’t covered in signatures, it would easily be at the end of someone’s driveway for trash pick-up. But liter it with some amazing stars John Hancock,  and you have a piece of music history, growing with every graffiti mark.

   For a music fan like we are, we loved every second of it.

The Stage Perspective

As we were lead out of the Attic,  the view of the Stage and the concert area from the performers perspective is AWESOME! 

Walking the backstage areas and seeing the lights and the curtain. On this day they had a concert happening later that week and they were already prepping for the show. The Hard Rock is constantly hosting performers from all genres of music. So this is a working sound stage.

Every Good SHow Ends

As our VIBE tour came to a close, we followed our amazing guide back down to the main level. We had a really great time, and I learned a lot of interesting tidbits while exploring the “behind the scenes” of the Hard Rock

As I said, the tour is 100% free and is great for all ages.  You can expect the tour to take roughly 45 minutes, unless you have someone who likes to ask a lot of questions(like me) and it may run closer to an hour. 

Hopefully my tip has given you one more adventure to enjoy when visiting Orlando City Walk and Universal Orlando Resort. More to come!

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