Top Vegan Dogs On PETA’s List: Nah Dogs & Dixie Dharma

PITA's Top Hot Dog

Blue Casa, Dunedin, Fla. –  This past weekend PETA released their ‘ Top Vegan Hot Dogs At Restaurants’  list. With a growing demand and popularity for meat and dairy free foods, PETA traveled across the Nation looking for those stand outs. We’ll, when they made it to Tampa Bay they didn’t find just one, they found two worthy of making the top 10 list, Dixie Dharma & Nah Dogs St.Pete!    

Dixie Dharma

Since you have been following me, you know these are two of my favs. Dixie Dharma and I have had a relationship going back since early 2016. When, as pass-holders for Universal Orlando Resort, a chef at the Portofino told us to check out Market on South.    

Inside Market on South I not only found Dixie Dharma, but I also was introduced to Valhalla. (Yes I was in vegan food heaven)

Tampa soon caught on to the Vegan lifestyle. In 2019 Dixie Dharma opened their Tampa location at Armature Works.  

Dixie made the top 10 list with their Hillbilly Chili Dawgs. No surprise, it has been one of my favorites for years. Consisting of TWO vegan dogs, a pretzel bun, blackened onions, scallions, and za’atar (a Middle Eastern spice blend). They are then smothered in house-made Indian-spiced chili “cheese” sauce. 

Nah Dogs

It seems like just yesterday that I heard about Nah Dogs. That little metallic vegan hotdog wonderland on wheels. They may be new to the scene, but they will capture your tastebuds with their delicious and unique combination of flavors. 

Nah Dogs made PETA’s top 10 list with their Yo Soy Dog.  This dog is covered in nacho ‘cheeze’ sauce, corn salsa, jalapeños, crunched tortillas and topped with a drizzle of garlic ‘mayo’ sauce and some fresh cilantro.

Nah Dog-The Social Introvert

As a long time Florida vegan foodie, it pleases me to see more and more locations throughout the state offering vegan food worth being recognized for.  Having two eateries make the top 10 list for vegan hot dogs in the Tampa Bay area speaks volumes. Clearly showing that Florida & the Bay area have a market for vegan options, and the culinary skills to be named some of the best in the nation. 

You can enjoy Dixie Dharma at these locations  : 

  • Market on South – 2603 EAST SOUTH STREET,
    ORLANDO, FL, 32803
  • Armature Works – 1910 N OLA AVE, 
    TAMPA, FL, 33602
    ORLANDO, FL 32803
To get your hands on Nah Dogs make sure to give them a follow on Social Media for their next pop- up location.  Here are a few :
  • June 28 – Baum Avenue Market Pop Up
  • July 6 – Baum Avenue Market Pop up
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