The Office Releases “Threat Level Midnight” Full Version

It should come as no surprise that The Office is still making headlines. With new Funko pop! releases of some of our favorite characters, tee’s still grabbing sales with catch phrases or simply Dunder Mifflin labeled products, fans of the show can’t get enough (That’s what she said)! We let’s get this pop culture pot stirring even more, as The Office has just released the FULL version of Threat Level Midnight. The 25-minute long film directed, scripted, produced by and starring Michael Scott (Steve Carell) was first seen in Season 7 episode “Threat Level Midnight”.  Fans watching this new release will get to see a deleted scene that just didn’t make the episode cut.  

Talking with Office Tally, series star and producer B.J. Novak, “It was incredible to bring back Rashida Jones (who said it felt like a time warp when she got the phone call asking for her availability on The Office); it was incredible to have David Denman back [as Roy], sitting next to Pam in her Season Two hair, and Melora Hardin back in Jan-as-diva mode.” 

“Imagine if at a high school reunion, they not only brought everyone back together, but also made you wear the exact same clothes again, cut your hair the same way, sit in the same seats and act out the same relationships and study for the same exams again,” Novak said. “And imagine that you really loved high school.” The episode also allowed The Office’s various departments to “show off its talents.”

The Office is currently available for streaming on Netflix
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