The Great LEGO Race Puts You In The Drivers Seat


WINTER HAVEN, Fla. – Brick fans, start your engines, LEGO has done it again! The newest attraction at LEGOLAND Florida Resort, The Great LEGO Race puts guests in the driver’s seat of this VR action-packed road rally.

Where the laws of physics and aerodynamics only loosely apply,  LEGO engineers combined a roller coaster with Virtual Reality Technology in an Awesome New Adventure for all ages. The World’s First VR Coaster #BuiltForKids Immerses its Riders in a Zany Race Against some of your favorite, and not so favorite LEGO Mini-figure Competitors. All in a 360-Degree Brick-Built VR world!

The Virtual Experience

Wearing the optional VR headsets while riding the roller coaster, guests will experience the perspective of a LEGO race car driver. With non-stop action taking place in every direction, and I mean every direction. (I tested it) Up, down, forward, backward and all points in between, moving my head in all directions I was continuously submerged in a  virtual LEGO world.

The wild and wacky race puts guests against some well known LEGO characters: piratewizardsurfertrendsetter and pharaoh.  Yep, they have all shown up to challenge your driving skills. Driving brick-built vehicles like a rocket-powered windsurfing rig, a stylish scooter fueled by espresso and an ornately canopied bed (called a “litter”) carried by mummy servants, you can expect a race that is full of  excitement.

The Great LEGO Race was inspired by the way kids play with LEGO toys at home. It’s a unique LEGO adventure that lets kids enter an epic, imaginary world made entirely from LEGO bricks, featuring a host of different themes and fun LEGO characters all mixed up together.

Candy Holland, Senior Creative Director for Merlin Magic Making

The nearby queue is filled with colorful graphics representing each of the five racing teams. With themed elements to entertain waiting riders young and old. They also have video screens to view which demonstrate the virtual reality experience.

Once guests are dispatched aboard the ride vehicles, sophisticated technology syncs the virtual visuals with the roller coaster’s twists, turns, drops and climbs, creating an all-new experience filled with action, surprises and humor — an experience only LEGOLAND could create.

So what did I think

I have been disappointed with VR (Virtual Reality) before. I think we all have.We go in with these super high expectations and come out feeling either let down or sick from a rough case of motion sickness. So how did The Great LEGO Race do?

WOW! You can clearly tell that the folks at LEGOLAND and Merlin Magic Making  put some hard thought into the development of The Great LEGO Race. As soon as you put your VR headset on,  you are placed in a LEGO virtual world that is clearnon-glitchy, and a FULL 360 degrees. The way they incorporated the existing roller coaster with this new VR world is nothing less than flawless.

Now you might be saying “This would seem expected”, but take my word when I tell you NOT ALL VR IS EQUAL… and as of now the new bar has been set.

Bravo LEGOLAND Florida.

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