Plant-Based Items Spotted At Universal Orlando

Plant-Based Menu Items

Universal Orlando Resort, Fla. – As a frequent visitor to Orlando and Universal we always found ourselves driving off-property when trying to eat. As a vegan/plant-based couple, my wife and I, like many, found that options of a basic  salad and some french fries got old real fast. And although we found some solitude for our bellies at CityWalks Cowfish and Bob Marley restaurants, we really wished we had more options inside the parks.Well that day is Finally here!

All NEW Plant Based Menu Items have started popping up at Universal Orlando on Saturday. Social media took note quickly, with fellow UOV (Universal Orlando Vegans) members posting the images below.  

NEW Plant-Based Menu Items

From Italian sausage to the Impossible Burger, the Plant-Based options across the park are growing

Here is clearly marked Spaghetti Bolognese with Plant-Based Gardein Sausage crumbles.

Results In Numbers

As one of the founders of  Universal Orlando Vegans, we along with our members have been very vocal about offering more vegan/plant-based options to Universal Orlando Resort guest. When we compare our choices at US and IOA to parks like Disney we had a hard time understanding why Universal wasn’t as hospitable to their non meat eating guest. So seeing any items actually listed on a menu is a HUGE step in the right direction.

I wanna send a very special thank you to my partners in all this, Shelby Price and Stephen Cagnina

*Please note that some of the same items are showing up at multiple locations.

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