Impossible Pork Debuted At CES 2020

Impossible pork COVER

Las Vegas, NV. – If there is one conference you can expect to see the unexpected, it is at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Here you can stroll the never ending asiles of gizmos and gadgets of some the world’s most innovative companies. This year Impossible Foods is back, with a all new product they hope will grab attendees attention once again, Impossible Pork. 

In 2019 Impossible Foods took over the high tech convention floor to share its latest creation, The Impossible Burger 2.0. A plant-based ground beef alternative. At that time the three year old Silicon Valley-based startup shocked the crowd with a plant-based “burger” that many ate never believing it wasn’t the real thing. 

  • Impossible Foods’ plant-based meat receives “best in show” awards at the International Consumer Electronics Show — including official prize as “Best of the Best”

So it should come as no surprise that CEO Pat Brown would revisit CES in 2020, with Impossible Foods latest creation, Impossible Pork. 

Taking over the Kumi Japanese restaurant in Mandalay Bay Resort, Brown addressed the crowd filled with international press,

"Traditional meat contributes to the two biggest threats humanity has ever faced, which is catastrophic climate change and a catastrophic meltdown in biodiversity."

Pat Brown

 He finished his press conference with, “This is the absolute most important task in the world.”

The Impossible Pork is gluten free and designed for kosher and halal certification. What is really shocking is how much it resembles real pork. From its color to texture, to smell and flavor guests who had the opportunity to try it were not complaining. Many were actually looking for seconds…and thirds. Some I think we’re looking for cameras to see if they were getting pranked. “Yeah, it really is that good”, one reporter said.

The company is confident it can compete at scale. If the planet is to survive the relentless demand for more meat, compete it must.

David Lee, chief financial officer

So of course your next question is where can I get it and how much?! Well, that is a little bit of a mystery. If we go off of Impossible Foods other product, we can probably expect this NEW Pork substitute to take that same price range, which some buyers see as an issue.

From day one Impossibles foods Head of Culinary J.Michael Melton has said the company’s main focus is to crush the stigma that plant-based meat can’t taste good. We can agree they have accomplished that, but how about crushing some dollars off that price tag. At almost $10 for a 12oz package of the meat alternative, that is more than double the price of standard ground beef, which has played a role in many meat eaters not making the change.

As someone who has been plant-based for almost nine years it has been exciting to see how many options and alternatives keep coming to market.  We hope that affordability is something that is also on the minds of Impossible Foods, giving alternatives for everyone to afford.

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