Golden Dinosaurs Vegan Deli Hits The Spot

Golden Dinosaur Vegan Deli

Gulfport, Fla. –  It’s Sunday Funday, and today the wife and I are heading out to the Golden Dinosaurs Vegan Deli. Located on Boca Ciega Bay,  the little town of Gulfport is famous for its variety of dining experiences. But what really was the determining factor for me, I couldn’t handle seeing anymore instagram pics without trying it. So, was it as good as it looked? Let’s find out.

What is the GDVD

First a short history lesson. The Golden Dinosaurs Vegan Deli opened in early August of 2018. GDVD is a combination deli, vegan butchery, and bakery. Serving coffee, kombucha, beer and wine to accompany your meal.  Most items are made from scratch, including all sausages, cutlets, seitan, sliced wheat meats, sauces, salads, and baked goods.

The Menu

Right when you walk in you can see ALL your tasty choices on the large chalkboard menu. DO NOT forget to look to the left. That is where the daily specials are listed! For the Gluten sensitive, they have a wide variety of Gluten-free proteins, including tempeh, tofu and chickpea. And, all the sandwiches CAN be made on gluten-free bread ($2 up-charge) or on a bed of greens ($2 up-charge). 

So, I told you about the options. I shared the fact that most of their meat alternatives are made in-house. Oh, additionally, all of the baked goods are made from scratch on site! I mean, do I need to explain to you what fresh made bread does for a sandwich?!  You can guess what I have my sights set on, a sandwich!

Once you have decided, and it ain’t easy, you can place your order at the counter. Oh, and if you have any questions, just ask. They are all awesome and very knowledgeable of their menu.  

Beverage selection

GDVD has rotating local craft drafts from Pinellas Ale WorksMastry’sGreen BenchCoppertail.  They also have a great selection of  craft canned beer from Swamp HeadRed CypressCider Boys. You can grab some Dear Mom Oregon wine, or a  Bandit Coffee(iced or hot) if that’s more your style. And they also have a variety of flavors from  Mother Kombucha. 


We went ahead and placed our order, grabbed two Mother Kombucha’s off the tap, and decided to take advantage of the amazing Florida weather. Another nice part, they have a great outdoor seating area. Both out front and also on the side  you can find tables both in and out of the Sun.

For those “not so perfect” days, they have a nice homey indoor dining room. It actually makes me feel more like they are having me over for a meal, as opposed to me eating at a restaurant. 


  • This was one of the items on the special board – Turkey style seitan with avocado smoked gouda, thousand island dressing and herb and garlic kraut from the folks at @Stpeteferments and piled in between two fresh slices of homemade marble rye.  $10.5


  • This is EXACTLY what it sounds like. Cheezey Mac topped with a healthy portion of GDVD homemade chili. We split this as a side, and still took a large portion of it home. Which then got devoured for dinner, so yeah it was good.   $8

Golden Dinosaurs GREEK SALAD 

  • Green leaf & romaine tossed with beets, cucumber, tomato, onion, feta, kalamatas, pepperoncinis, greek dressing, crostini, potato salad.  $12


  • House-made chili, yellow mustard, chives, pretzel bun. – one | $6  two | $10


For today’s selection we had a choice of- Blueberry jam, birthday cake, cinnamon sugar, chocolate pretzel, D’ohNut, key lime pie. We were lucky enough to have choices, so we grabbed a few chocolate pretzel and Blueberry Jam.


The GDVD has done an incredible job at extending the warm and welcoming feeling that Gulfport gives its visitors. 

As for the food, they lived up to every expectation I had. 

  • The Rachel captured the true flavors of a Turkey Reuben. From the soft fresh marble rye, to the tang of the kraut and dressing. They nailed it. 
  • The Chili Mac and Chili Dog was also delicious. I did love the added touch of the corn in the homemade chili. 
  • As for the  Tarpon Style GDVD Greek Salad, I think my wifes quote says it best,” it has everything I would expect a Greek salad to have. From the Olives to the Potato salad”  Sounds like a salad any visitor to the sponge docks would appreciate.  

Now for the donuts. WOW! No, really WOW! I have had my fair share of vegan donuts, and it’s hard to find a donut I didn’t like, but they nailed it. And yes, let me be the first to tell you not all vegan donuts are the same. These GDVD donuts were the bomb!

The first thing I noticed is that they aren’t overly dense. I mean, when you bite into them, they feel like an airy bite of goodness. And that chocolate pretzel donut… Seriously guys, YES!!!! It was the perfect balance between pretzel and chocolate. Moving to a rare choice for vegans….the stuffed blueberry jam donut. Yep, STUFFED JAM! As you can imagine, that was also freaking awesome.

So, will we be back? HA HA HA …. YES!  And a message for all of you that might not be 100% vegan/plant-based, GO HERE! Try this place! This is a great alternative to your usual meat meal. The menu is full of recognizable items, with a plant-based twist so you won’t feel overwhelmed with choices you are not familiar with.  

My Rating



  • 2930 Beach Blvd S Gulfport, FL 33707


  • Sunday – Tuesday 10am – 7pm Closed
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday – Saturday 10am – 9pm
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