Daytime Scares Coming To Universal Orlando Resort

Orlando, Fla. –  With the season upon us, in a normal year we would already be into HHN30 at Universal Studios Florida. We all know this is anything but a normal year, but that doesn’t mean we should table Halloween all together. Seems others would also agree with me, so for a limited time daytime scares are coming to Universal Orlando Resort.

This weekend, Sept. 19-20. included with your daytime admission to Universal Studios Florida there are two heart-pounding haunted houses  – Revenge of the Tooth Fairy and Universal Monsters: The Bride of Frankenstein Lives.

At Universal’s Islands of Adventure you can take your kids trick-or-treating…plus, you can all dress in costumes throughout the resort to get in the sinister spirit of the season. I’d read over those rules, they are pretty extensive and would hate to see you get turned away for an awesome costume that doesn’t follow the guidelines.

Subject to these Costume Guidelines, guests may wear costumes in Universal’s Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida theme parks on select dates. Please remember, at all times costumes must be family-friendly. If a guest is spotted in a costume that is not deemed permissible, he or she will be asked to remove the costume and change into something more appropriate or exit the park. Universal Orlando will have sole discretion to decide whether an item is permissible. Any item deemed inappropriate will be turned over by the owner to Universal Orlando and may be retrieved at the end of the guest visit at the Universal CityWalk hub.

For the safety and enjoyment of all guests, the following guidelines must be followed:

  • No costume masks, face applications or face painting which restricts vision or covers the face completely. Face coverings in accordance with the Universal Orlando’s Safety Guidelines must be worn and visible at all times.
  • Guests may dress as their favorite character, but may not pose for pictures or sign autographs for other Guests.
  • Costumes must not contain the following:
    • Weaponry, swords, knives or mace of any kind (real or fake)
    • Veils or long trains
    • Sharp or pointed objects or materials that may accidentally strike another guest or team member. Any home-crafted wands must be rounded on both ends and be appropriate in nature.
    • Any clothing or items identified with law enforcement, security, firefighters, emergency responders, or the military
    • Any clothing or items identified with terrorist organizations
    • Any item which gives the impression the guest is a Universal Team Member
    • Any explicit or insinuated sexual content or intent
    • Any gruesome or gory costumes that are not deemed in good taste
    • Live animals
  • No large or bulky costumes which may obstruct movement or could be a safety hazard. Costumes cannot exceed 28” (inches) wide x 80” (inches) high to meet Universal Orlando’s metal detection regulations. Costumes are subject to secondary x-ray screening.
  • Guests wearing costumes are to adhere to the following safety guidelines before riding an attraction:
    • Loose articles and costume accessories should be left with a non-rider or secured in a locker.
    • Guest will be required to take certain precautions before riding if they have long hair, long and flowing clothing or long and flowing accessories.
    • All passenger restraint systems, including lap bars, shoulder harnesses and seat belts, must be positioned and fastened properly to assure your safety.
  • Proper footwear must be worn at all times.

Universal Orlando Resort reserves the right to cancel, modify, or suspend the Fall 2020 Costume Guidelines or any element thereof without notice in any manner and for any reason. Additional restrictions may apply.

Revenge of the Tooth Fairy


The innocent traditions of the tooth fairy hide a darker ritual. All children must give up their baby teeth to the goblinesque tooth fairies or pay a gruesome price. Step into an old manor that has been overrun by yellow-clawed fiends who extract teeth by force. It’s an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

Universal Monsters: The Bride of Frankenstein Lives


“We belong dead.” The last words of Frankenstein’s monster on that fateful night when his Bride rejected him. But his end was her beginning. Now the Bride is stepping out of the shadows to bring him back. And there’s nothing she won’t do as she sharpens her brilliance by experimenting on unsuspecting victims. The mate will have her monster. And the monster his mate.

Trick-or-Treating at Universal’s Islands of Adventure​

Grab a free trick-or-treat bag for your little one and go door-to-door collecting tasty treats from participating retail stores this weekend. But first you’ve got to find them. Keep a look out for pumpkin stickers marking each location.

*This experience is for guests 12 years of age and younger who must be with an adult to participate. One trick-or-treat bag per guest and one fill per participating location.


Premier pass-holders are offered a sneak peak, per reservation on Friday starting at 1pm. At the time of writing this the system was back up and running and I did get to grab a early reservation. So make sure you are following me on social media for all the live updates! 

As for those looking to head over for the weekend, be prepared! Make sure you have a face covering and get the App! What once was an added convince has almost become a necessity in the parks.  This will also give you a chance to grab a virtual queue spot. The Virtual Line™ experience is available for the haunted houses. When you’re on property, use the app to select a return time for your group. Id also suggest arriving to the parks early. They have extended the hours to later times, but I would expect an announcement like this to attract all us weirdos who celebrate HHN like a holiday. 

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