Bigfire Restaurant Offers Options For Vegans

Big Fire

Universal Orlando Resort, CityWalk –  Universal Orlando’s newest attraction opened to guest officially on Wednesday. But this grand opening was a little different than the one of past weeks. The original concept restaurant, Bigfire, officially opened, and they offer options for vegans. 

This unique dining experience combines the open-fire cooking concept with the nostalgia of “long summer evenings at the lake”, transporting guest to that cozy lakeside summer retreat. 

 The two-story venue features natural design elements of mix and matched fabrics and seating, cast iron, twinkling lights, camp lanterns and more to complete the outdoor ambience inside the restaurant.

The Food

With the theme being open “campfire” cooking, chefs will carefully match each food with wood species that have been carefully chosen based on the flavor they exude, resulting in delectable dishes, sides, desserts – and even cocktails – that all infuse the smoky spirits. The pairings will add bold flavors to create elevated American fare. 

For us vegans, we have a few options:



What Vegans are saying

To get an idea on what people think, we went to the number # 1 source for vegan news at Universal Orlando Resort, The Universal Orlando Vegans Facebook page. 

Here are a few of the reviews:

It is crazy spicy which is disappointing for vegans that aren't keen on spice. It needed to be cooked longer or cut thinner.

Kris Leeworthy
Bigfire Grill
Cauliflower Steak-Bigfire-Photo by Kris Leeworthy

Like a few others here, my wife and I also went to Big Fire last night, each getting the Cauliflower steak. Unlike a couple others, I didn't find it spicy at all. On the contrary, it was very bland. The only flavor came from the sauce that the farro is cooked in - there needed to be a lot more of that. I found mine was cooked well (a couple of the fringes of the cauliflower were charred, but that's somewhat to be expected when cooking on a wood-fired grill), but my wife said the middle of hers was nearly too tough to eat. We also got the "Crispy Smashed Potatoes" as a side. Those were delicious - if I'm honest, while I enjoyed the main dish well enough, if you gave me the option between the two to eat again, I'd choose the potatoes.

Paul Lalli
Cauliflower Steak- BigFire- Photo By Paul Lalli
Bigfire-Smashed potato-Paul Lalli
Bigfire-Smashed potato-Paul Lalli

Cauliflower Steak from Bigfire. They had the audacity to give me an unseasoned cauliflower with a tiny bit of sauce on it. The good news is that they told me they would do a glove change when preparing my food, without me even asking. If your family wants to come here, the potatoes and roasted veggies on the sides menu are vegan too and probably better.

Karly Lanphier
Cauliflower Steak- Bigfire - Photo by Karly Lanphier

Final thoughts

As with all new things, like one coaster we will not name, sometimes “tweaks” are needed to reach optimal performance. I am sure with feedback, and more dining guests ordering the Cauliflower steak we will see adjustments made and training done to elevate this dish to the flavors that Executive Chef Steve Jayson had in mind when it was created. 

What I think the bigger picture is, and what all vegans should be excited about, is a clearly marked vegan option at a new Universal Orlando Resort Citywalk location!

Hours of Operation
Sunday – Thursday : 4:00 pm – 11:00 pm 
Friday – Saturday: 4:00 pm – 12:00 am 
(hours subject to change)

6000 Universal Boulevard 
Orlando, FL 32819

Phone Number
(407) 224-3663

 At the time of writing this no vegan desserts or children menu items were listed. 

So, have you tried the Cauliflower Steak at Bigfire? Or do you have another favorite vegan dish when visiting CityWalk?  Leave it in the comments, I wanna hear about it!

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